**note: this is a beta version with rudimentary SFX. more to come! **

Unbecoming is a short (15-30 min) work of interactive fiction inspired by the survival horror genre and 20th century American rural mythos.

Themes include coming of age, corrupt embodiment, family secrets, and unspeakable forces of nature.

An effort has been made to minimize scenes of gratuitous violence. However, there are descriptions some players may find disturbing. Corpses (human and non-human), injury/mutilation, and visceral/bodily processes are depicted in some detail.

For those on the fence after reading the above warning, please note that there are NO images of sexual assault, graphic nudity, torture, stalking, or other predatory and/or misogynistic violence.

Plays best full-screened in a dark room with headphones!


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Nice stuff!