v0.3 IMPORTANT bugfix + new buffs!

Hey hi!

Kind user JPlay (thanks so much!) caught a game-crashing bug on Night 10 caused by my failure to pluralize various strings. It is now fixed!

I also used this opportunity to push updates to the title/interstitial screens (now w ember particles and a lil animation), as well as bunch of new buffs and some tweaks to the buff system. In the original build, the SOLANAS (+1 base ATK, -1 base DEF) and MARCOS (-1 base ATK, +1 base DEF) buffs essentially cancelled each other out if obtained sequentially. Now, punk stats are restored to their pre-buff state before the new buff is calculated, ensuring the effect is (I hope) more distinct.

OK, I think that's it for now. Thanks v much to everyone who's played so far, and for the helpful feedback! Please it keep it coming!

<3 hexcavator


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Mar 20, 2021


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