CONVERGER v0.5 - first major update

Hey hi,

After a month of fixing bugs and implementing a LOT of visual updates, I'm excited to release CONVERGER v0.5. I'm super grateful for all the new folks trying the game via this month's amazing Queer Games Bundle, and I wanted to push some features and polish to keep the momentum up!

One of the other changes accompanying this release is that I'm going to start charging a few bucks for the game. This won't affect anyone who's downloaded an older version or owns it through a bundle, but the current build has sufficiently exceeded the 7DRL demo that I feel ready to sell it. Thanks so much in advance for yr support!

Additions & Improvements

- Cutscene text and graphical flair
- In-game particles to better indicate combat/hazard damage and fallen punks
- Sound effect tweaks + remixed main theme & new victory/defeat/interstitial tracks
- UI splash when punks grab a buff to clarify its effects
- Inter-level splash screen indication of current buff and effect
- Basic stat-tracking (punks lost, fash bashed)
- Slightly punchier victory/defeat UI


All platforms:
- Resolved an issue where enemies would incorrectly move onto a tile containing punks if another group of punks was on an adjacent tile. This showed up as either overlapping units on a single tile or tiles containing entities behaving as if they were empty.
- Resolved weird volume changes in the OST after a game over

Planned Updates + Stretch Goals

None of these are totally certain but if people seem interested in the game moving forward I'd love to chip away at:

- Unlockable anarchist theorist/theory summaries
- A harder mode with more nights
- Additional enemy behaviors (Projectiles? Not sure if this will throw stuff outta balance)
- Slightly more variety in procgen environments (terrain, "neighborhoods", etc)

Thanks so much, and please don't hesitate to reach out with thoughts/questions/feedback!

Fuck the police, and up the punks!

<3 hexcavator

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