STAR JAR - tiny timesink for dire days

STAR JAR is the first (one of the first? — I can't remember) games I ever finished (I'm pretty sure it was the first. Yeah, let's go with that).

It's short, moody, and a mashup of soothing camp feels and panicked star-guzzling. Somehow it felt right to dredge it up during these uncanny days of quarantine and confusion.

Most significantly, it's finally playable in browser, so basically at yr fingertips. IMO the game feels best at 960x720, but you can also play at the native resolution of 480x360 (it should scale automatically based on your browser window).

One of the things that always bugged me about the original build was the wonky collision code, so I rewrote it. It's still kinda wonky, but is now based more on angular math and less on finicky collision boxes, which makes me feel smarter, so take that.

Anyhow, just wanted to put this out there for folks who might find a bit of solace in a low-res, lo-fi starry night.

Here's the link in case you arrived from outside

Stay safe, and make sure the people you love know it. Til soon, I hope!

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Mar 17, 2020


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This game has such an exquisite atmosphere! I love the excellent color choice and the satisfying sounds.


hey, thank you so much! and thanks for playing!