Unbecoming is sonically-textured interactive horror fiction exploring cycles of trauma and unspeakable forces of nature in a mythic rural American landscape.

CW: intense sound effects; depictions of corpses (human and non-human), injury/mutilation, visceral/bodily processes.

This game contains no sexual assault, torture, stalking, or predatory violence.

Plays best full-screen in a dark room with headphones.

Made in Twine using Howler.js for audio.
Unedited audio mostly from freesound.org. Full credits in-game.

Development log


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Quality gothic writing!

thanks, did my best!


So cool and epic game, love it

thanks so much for playing!


holy cow.

i don't know how to describe this game, but i love it! it's so detailed, the writing's great--i haven't felt this invested in a game in a long, long time!

this is one of those games where you don't really know what's going on so you're groping in the dark for meaning, but that's alright because you know the game's good regardless. 

one question, though: is it safe to say the protagonist is alright now? 

thanks so much for the kind words! as to your question...i think it's open to interpretation!